Water Excursions

A Day on the Bay

La Tovara Boat Ride

Just ten miles North of El Encanto is part of one of the most extensive inland waterways in Mexico.   “La Tovara” estuary is teeming with birds and other wildlife especially visible in the mornings from small motor boats. Reflections in the still water of the bromeliad-covered branches and knarled roots of the mangrove trees  are very picturesque. There is a restaurant at the head of the spring where guides allow up an hour for breakfast and swimming in the warm pool amidst the turtles and tropical fish.

Cora waterfall, Mexico

El Cora Waterfall

Nayarit is a small state rich in water resources.   Some lovely waterfalls are located in the area the best being that of El Cora which is either a four hour hike or a one hour drive and then a half hour hike down a steep path. The cascade drops ninety feet into a pristine pool.  Remote and serene it is an ideal location for a picnic and skinny dipping during the week.