“I can think of no better way to experience the silence of being than in the beauty, simplicity, and healing offered by El Encanto a lovely 19th century “ruin” now in part reconstructed about two hours by bus from Puerto Vallarta. If Thoreau were alive and living in Mexico, you’d find him at El Encanto. His Waldon Pond would have become the quiet stream that wanders through El Encanto like a thread, connecting the visitor with an irrepressible landscape.”

“One of the great things about El Encanto and the surrounding area is that it is not overrun with tourists and one can experience the true Mexico, it’s people and their customs. I especially enjoyed the quietness of the area, the beauty, and the nature. I was really able to relax to my core.

“El Encanto is a beautiful place. It is not the Four Seasons. It’s more like one season: perfect relaxation.”

“‘Magical’ is the only word to describe El Encanto. When I daydream of places I’d love to return to, our beachfront apartment always comes to mind. Each of our three visits to El Encanto has been more magical than the last one and we now make it a point to go as often as our schedules allow…. Jim and his staff take great care of their guests while leaving them lots of time to themselves for local exploration. I feel incredibly blessed to have met them, as they have added a great deal of positive energy and bliss to what would otherwise have been ordinary vacations.”

“It’s such a wonderful place that I don’t even know how to begin describing it to people at home. It’s a fairy-tale land where dreams come true.”